Garage Door Repair

Get the Best Garage Door Repair Service


When your garage door needs repair, you don’t want to wait for repairs.  It can become a more serious problem with a higher cost than originally planned, and it can also be dangerous.  Whenever a garage door malfunctions, it can cause damage to your home or car or even cause injury.  If you need a garage door repair, you should contact a company right away.


Common Repairs


While openers can last for many years, once they have reached their limit, they can stop working without warning.  This large piece of equipment is a complex mechanism with a motor and requires the expertise of a garage door repair professional.

Overhead springs hold the door in place and will occasionally break.  When they do, your door will no longer work until they have been replaced.  Cables and rollers also need replaced sporadically.  You can sometimes tell when a cable is getting worn and call a garage door repair company to replace it before it breaks completely.

The doors can also get off track or get out of alignment, which will make it difficult for them to close correctly.  It can be because the track has gotten misaligned or bent.  Sometimes it will get rusted and prevent the door from running smoothly.  You may also begin to notice a noise from the door opener even if nothing seems to be wrong.  This is the time to get it checked out by a professional before something serious happens.

In addition to all of the mechanical components of a garage door, you also have the door itself that wears out over time.  You may need to replace panels on the door or a window from the continual jarring motion.  If you have one of the older wooden doors, you will notice that it begins to rot at the bottom where water has eroded the wood.  While metal and aluminum doors may last longer, they can either rust or dent and need repaired or replaced.


Repairing the Garage Door Yourself


Some do-it-yourselfers like to try their own repairs.  While some repairs can be done by homeowners, it is usually recommended to let an expert garage door repair company handle the issue.  Many times the repairs are complex and you may find you have to call for help after you have attempted it yourself.  For older doors, it can be difficult to find the right parts and you can waste time looking for a store that carries what you need.  If you have a new door, you can also void the warranty by making repairs yourself.

When you need a garage door repair, find a reputable service company that is experienced in working with all types of doors.  They can fix your door quickly so that you do not have the inconvenience of either being locked in your garage or handling the door manually.  The right garage door company can have your door up and running in no time.