Garage Door Installation

Understanding the Process of Garage Door Installation


You may think it sounds easy to install a garage door if you’ve done other installation work around the house.  However, garage door installation is a totally different story.  It can be difficult and dangerous and you need to understand the type of door to get before you select one.  This is why it is important to work with professional garage door installers.


Choosing Manual or Automatic


Manual doors are easier to install than automatic garage doors.  However, you have to consider the type of door you will get.  For instance, a beautiful solid wood door will not work for a manual garage door since you will have to open it by hand.

With automatic doors, you not only have the door to install, but also the cables and motor.  You will need to know what size motor to use, depending on the size and weight of the door.  However, they can handle heavier loads and can be the right choice for that wooden door you want.

While most people prefer an automatic door because of the convenience, there is a reason that manual garage door installation has not died out.  Some people feel they are more secure because they can’t be triggered by another remote.  They also have fewer repair issues because of the lack of the motor.  These benefits can sometimes outweigh the convenience of automatic doors.


Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own Automatic Garage Door Installation


The process may sound simple enough when you read the directions, but it is actually quite complex.  There are a lot of little mountings that you must get right for the door to work correctly. If the door is not on the track just right, it will not work smoothly.  You will also be working with electricity, which can be dangerous if you are not used to it.

Another issue you may encounter with garage door installation is voiding the warranty.  Many warranties require professional installation to ensure that it work properly.  If you install a door incorrectly, you can damage the door or its components.

On the other hand, an installation company will usually guarantee their work so you won’t have to worry that it wasn’t installed correctly.  They can also check to make sure that everything is working correctly once it is installed and was not damaged in shipment.  They are trained professionals on installation and can protect your doors from getting scratched or dented.  This is especially important if you are buying high-end doors that are painted or have special details to them.  Any damage would be even more noticeable with fine details.

Instead of trying to figure out how to do garage door installation yourself, take the easy way and have it done professionally.  The experts can have it done in a short time so that you are enjoying your new garage door instead of trying to figure out how to put it all together.