Slide FULLY INSURED AND LICENSED Your Keyes Garage Doors technician is a trained professional. The technician is
required to have a complete understanding of all door systems, as well as the
ability to clearly explain door concepts and functions to our customers.
Slide PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE FOR YOUR GARAGE DOOR Your garage door is the largest and heaviest moving object in your home, and the
door system must be properly adjusted and maintained in order to function safely.
Keyes Garage Doors offers this Preventive Maintenance Program to ensure the
safe and proper operation of your home’s garage doors.
Slide IMPORTANCE OF GARAGE DOOR SERVICE Garage doors are one of the biggest moving parts in your home and they can be
dangerous if they do not work properly. That is why it is essential to have your
doors checked with regular garage door service professionals. These experts
can make sure that your door works right every time.
Slide BEST GARAGE DOOR REPAIR SERVICE When your garage door needs repair, you don’t want to wait for repairs. It can
become a more serious problem with a higher cost than originally planned,
and it can also be dangerous. Whenever a garage door malfunctions, it can
cause damage to your home or car or even cause injury. If you need a garage
door repair, you should contact a company right away.

Keyes Garage Doors offers sales, service and installation of garage doors and openers. We repair all make and models. We can replace bent or cracked sections. Update that old noisy opener for a new quiet, safer more secure operation. We have developed a reputation for honest, value focused, quality work that is affordable.


Keyes Garage Doors believes in safety. We will thoroughly check parts that could be hazardous, such as springs, brackets, joints, lift handles and pull ropes, garage door opener, remote, photoelectric eyes and sensors so you and your family can be safe from garage door mishaps.


Whether you want to update your garage door with customized automatic garage doors or if you require a replacement or service on your existing garage doors, contact Keyes Garage Doors today to schedule an estimate or appointment.